Upcoming Events for the Middle School


Fall is an exciting time for the Middle School! September marks the beginning of several community service campaigns. Here are a few things that our middle schoolers are committing time to in the next month!

Sebastian PicSebastian Lemos Run/Walk: This event is being put on by friends of the Lemos Family. Many our students were close with Sebastian when he was a student here at JBMA. The race is a 5k run/walk that is benefiting pediatric cancer research. Several of our students will be working to help set-up, run, volunteer at water tables, take-down, etc. The race is tomorrow so if you would like to run, walk, or donate please be sure to register today!

StJudeChildrensResearchHospital_Newsletter_800x600St. Jude’s Trike-a-thon: Each year our students spend time teaching our JBMA Preschool students about bike safety. Skits, activities, and posters are planned and made to help preschoolers become safer on their bikes before the upcoming Trike-a-thon on October 10th. The preschool raises funds through the Trike-a-thon for research at St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. Our students are looking forward to getting the preschoolers prepared to ride their bikes safely around our school track in a few weeks!

soles4soulsSoles for Souls: The Middle School has been fortunate to participate in collecting gently worn shoes for a charity called Soles for Souls. As a kick-off for this, the Middle School will be collecting shoes as admission to our JBMA Fall Festival on October 19th. The shoes that are collected go all over the world to help people in need. We are excited to collect shoes to help those in need, so if you have old shoes please be sure to start collecting from your friends and family!

Founding Fathers and Density


The Middle School Science Lab

This week in the Middle School’s science lab, we performed an experiment that required us to find the density of several objects. DSC02034Density is the mass of an object divided by the volume of the object.   We found the mass of the object using a triple beam balance.  Next, we found the volume of the object by measuring the amount of water displaced by the object in a graduated cylinder.  After finding the densities of various sizes of the same substance we discovered that a substance, no matter the size, has the same density.  In addition, 1 mL = 1 cm3.

Founding Fathers Presentation

This week in the middle school we made a powerpoint presentation on a given founding father. We learned a variety of things from the presentations because our classmates were very DSC02027creative and entertaining. We learned about the life and contributions of our founding fathers to the beginnings of America. Two of our classmates (Ryan Aldaher and Labdhi Mehta) dressed up as their founding father. If you ever run into a middle schooler and ask them about the beginning of America, I’m positive they would know all sorts of information about the founding fathers.

Experts in Collaboration


We have been at school for a month now and have already gotten so much accomplished! Our students have now had time to work on a multitude of collaborative assignments, and are already used to using our new classroom technology to complete group work. We have explored the guidelines for the science lab, as well as work together to analyze the Declaration of Independence. Collaborating is an extremely important skill that we hope to instill in our middle school students. They have proved already to be very adapted to working together!   DSC02024   DSC02018

The Chromebooks are here!


We are so thrilled to finally have our class set of chromebooks and begin incorporating Google classroom into our curriculum. Each of the students successfully set up their computer this week, and have already started working on projects using Google Apps. We can’t wait to show the students all that Google has to offer! Here is what they think about the new classroom addition:

- What do you think about the new Chromebooks?
“They are awesome!” Carson
“I think the Chromebooks are an effective learning tool which will be very useful in the classroom environment.” Will
“I really like them, they are amazing!” Maggie

- What is your favorite part of using Google so far?
“Google Drive! I love the idea of being able to access everything from anywhere!” Dayton
“My favorite part is the Google Classroom. You can see the assignments and when they are due, all of the info you need is all right there!” Labdhi

- What do you look forward to doing the most with the Chromebooks?
“I look forward to getting our assignments online.” Lexi
“Not having to write most of my assignment on a sheet of paper. It’s so simple and clear now!” Cate
“Saving time and learning how to type better” Eden

Excitement is in the air! We cannot wait to learn together how to better use this new technology to enhance our classroom!




                  IMG_2952 IMG_2981


An Exciting First Two Weeks!


We are so pleased that our first two weeks back have been successful! Our students are finally into the swing of our routine. Our English and Math classes have been off to a great start and we have our groups organized and working together well. At this point we are diving into content in our Science and History classes. The students have done a great job working together, getting their jobs done, and encouraging each other as we have adjusted to our new schedule.


Get Ready for the New School Year!


Welcome to the JBMA Middle School Classroom Blog! We are extremely excited for new students and parents to get acquainted with our blog and classroom! 2014-2015 is going to be a year full of some great experiences, as well as growth for all of our students and we are very eager to get started!

This blog will serve as a compilation of different events, deadlines, and upcoming projects so that our classroom community can stay up to date and “in-the-loop”. We update the blog about once a month to let parents and students know what we will be learning throughout the month, as well as any extended classroom participation. We hope that this will be a useful tool in staying informed about class happenings!

Parents, if you have any questions or concerns, we are always available through email. We cannot wait to work with you and your students and help them reach their full potential!

Let the learning fun begin!

Mrs. Chris and Ms. Kate


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Workforce Workshop 2014


It was an unbelievably eventful week last week as all of our students got some experience working in the real world! From the Birmingham Barons, Stone Hollow Farmstead, to even here at Bruno, all of our students had wonderful experiences working in their field of interest. We are so proud that each of them have represented Bruno well to their sponsors and local community. Here are some photos of them working last week!

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImagephoto 2 (1)ImageImageImageImageImage